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19+ years providing
• Marketing & Branding – Campaigns & Strategy •
• Advertising • PR, Publicity & Promotions • Social Media  •
• Website Development • SEO • SEM • Pay-Per-Click •
• Lead Generation • In-Bound Marketing • Business Development •
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Build & repackage brands leveraging integrity/history making them relevant, viable and competitive.
We transform brands and professionalize corporate culture. We bring visionary creative services. We encourage collaborative environments. We tap creativity by getting into the heads of your leadership & management and translate that vision into tangible results.
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We are charismatic connectors, motivational speakers, master networkers, change facilitators & innovation creators.
We create meaningful opportunities for your team to think together and collaborate effectively. Our sessions build connection, inspire creativity, enable clarity and drive commitment. Your management/leadership team will achieve a greater sense of personal buy-in, purpose and passion to drive the business successfully into 2018 and beyond.
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Marketing Director + Publicist + Social Media Director + Creative Director/Graphic Designer in ONE
Delivering high end high impact marketing firepower, brand strategy, creative identity platforms and promotional might for luxury real estate developers, brokers, realtors and investment companies throughout U.S., Europe, Costa Rica and middle east for past 10 years. We understand style and luxury as a lifestyle, as a brand image and as a consumer.


As a publicist and communication/branding specialist, this is our daily mantra.

Every facet of how you present yourself (personally, professionally and physically) communicates who you are and sets the tone for your potential and ultimately your success.

Charismatic. Confident. Authentic. aka ‘Cool, calm & collected’ –  Characteristics of a great leader and want every company desires in its leadership.

We help our clients to:

  1. Present complex information with ease.
  2. Naturally connect instantly.
  3. Build credibility, rapport and trust.
  4. Extend outreach and visibility of your brand.
  5. Leave a strong, lasting impression.
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Brand Design & Management
Brand. Rebrand. Repackage.
We bring savvy ‘studio branding’ tactics, corporate marketing/PR initiatives, visionary creative services, and solid BizDev optics/perception-building tools to take you to the next level.
Brand Architecture & Strategy
Digital & Physical Form
Redesign your corporate identity – from logo, business card, website and social profiles to setting virtually all your print collateral, advertising, investor relations, donor relations & digital collateral needs.
Executive Presence Coaching
Spot Coaching. One-on-one.
Improve your communication, presentation and collaboration skills. Being socially adept is teachable. Helping you create stronger, better impressions take practice, but is an opportunity for all.
Leadership Consulting
Collaborative environments.
Effective strategic leadership through charismatic, direct, clear, concise and assertive communication practices. Effective feedback. Strategic planning. Team building.

Latest industry benchmarks & trends. Sage advice. Thoughtful observations. Helpful 411 tips & resources.


To explore collaboration, please contact us.

Cell/Text: (818) 212-9201

Email: jeremy@broekmancomm.com

Mail: 2934 1/2 Beverly Glen Circle, #508
Bel Air, CA 90077